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11/23/08 11:51 AM #1    


Brian Perry

Welcome to the Jennings County High School Class Of 1999 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

12/03/08 12:12 AM #2    

Jason Eder

Thanks for putting this site together Brian...this was a great idea. It's definitely nice to see what everyone is up to 10 years out from high school. Hope everyone is healthy and happy!

12/06/08 03:23 AM #3    

Nicolien Maatman (Soethof)

I agree! For someone who is pretty far away from Jennings County this is a great way of seeing what everyone has been up to!

12/09/08 07:40 PM #4    

Patricia Padgett (Ritchie)

Hopefully we can get everything planned and together long before the time actually comes to show up!

12/15/08 06:01 PM #5    

Emily Wahlman (Greenwald)

Hey Brian, just a thought - my brother and I were talking about high school reunions and both of us thought it'd be hilarious if there'd ever be any way we could get the Little Charlie's Pizzas to be served, as that was the highlight to my Fridays at JCHS:) That or the classic order of a bag of fries and a coke. Still can't believe how horribly wrong that eating pattern was my sophomore year!

10/16/10 05:36 AM #6    

Benjamin Klas

Hey Brian, couldn't you put some pictures of last year's reunion on here? Would be fun to check them out.

11/19/10 12:58 PM #7    

Mitchell Hammersley

BWP, thanks for keeping this running - even with all of your other ventures. I think this site will be a huge reason the next reunion is even more successful. Cheers. And, I leave you with this ridiculousness....

11/26/14 10:14 AM #8    

Benjamin Klas

Hi people,

I don't know if anyone is ever reading here but I just want to wish you guys a nice reunion on Saturday. Drink some American ales for me, too. Can't be worse than the Brazilian ones I'm "enjoying" right now...

Cheers from Porto Alegre!


05/26/17 03:43 PM #9    


Derek Nowling

Wow here it is, halfway through 2017. Just a few years short of a 20th Reunion. Where the heck did the time go. I have not seen 95% of the 99' class since school. It will be nice to connect to some of the lost class mates again.  I never believed all the so called old guys that told me I would miss the school days when they were gone. That couldn't have been more accurate if I had said it myself.

The days fly by...enjoy them while you have them. 

Hopefully see all of you soon. 

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